As you settle into your walk in tub and it fills with warm water you will be convinced this was the right purchase to make. Now activate the whirlpool tub jet therapy and leave your cares and body aches behind. Immersed in your walk in tub, your muscles will relax, your mind will find a quiet place and the nasty aches and pains of everyday life will melt away.

Your whirlpool walk in tub bathing will never be the same as you luxuriate in the relaxing warm water and jet action which will message you all the way up to your shoulders and neck. Pure heaven! Give yourself this treat –a walk in bathtub- or purchase it for a loved one. You will never regret it.


The air jet hydro spa system with a heater element on the walk in tub is luxury at its very best. (For cleanliness sake, know that the air jet system on your walk in tub also has a self purging system that automatically turns on and cleans out air jets killing bacteria and germs.)

Once you have experienced the perfection of relaxation attainable with this complete air jet therapy system on your walk in tub, you will find that you are consistently more relaxed, less stressed, have more supple muscle tone and sleep as you have not in years! Do you not owe this pleasure to yourself or a loved one? Enjoy it now. You will not regret the decision.

Ozonator 2/ $400.00

- Walk in tub Sanitizing System that automatically eliminates bacteria and germs from the water lines, pump & motor on your walk in tub.

Chromatherapy lighting $295
- Color glow multi color bath lights for your walk in tub
- 5 dramatic lighting effects
LED's last over 100,000 hours


The origin goes as far back as traditional medicine in India, China and Greece. It is a method of harmonization and natural well being. Each color corresponds to a vibration with its individual speed, wave length or rhythm. Its influence is as much physical, psychological or emotional and allows our vital energy to reach a level of self-heating.

RED: Stimulates circulatory system, promotes vitality and energy

ORANGE: Stimulates respiratory and nervous systems, anti-fatigue, benefits body and mind.

YELLOW: Energizes intellectual stimulation, fortifies and relaxes.

GREEN: Calms nervous system, fortifies and relaxes vision

TURQUOISE: Regenerates, calms sudden pain, relaxes intellect.

BLUE: Promotes peace and tranquility, opens conscious mind.

MAGENTA: Harmonizes emotions.

Aroma Therapy Dispenser/Cap

-An aroma therapy dispenser for whirlpool bathtubs & spas that dispenses and activates either your Blower or Jet pump depending on your whirlpool bathtub & spa system.

-Just drop the bead satchel into the dispenser and activate either your blower or jet pump depending on your whirlpool bathtub & spa system

-Pumps directly into your whirlpool bathtub or air system for jets


Never clean grout again!

All marble wall panels are 3/8 " thick. One marble wall panel will be 60 x 40 and two marble wall panels 30 x 40 and the combination soap/shampoo dish.

Large selection of colors marbled or solid color. No additional charges.

See Cultured Marble Colors HERE!
-Cultured Marble $699.95
-Polystone $895.00


Never clean grout again!

All polystone wall panels are 3/8" thick. One polystone wall panel will be 60 x 40 and two polystone wall panels 30 x 40 and the combination soap/shampoo dish.

Large selection of colors marbled or solid color. No additional charges.

-Cultured Marble $699.95 See Cultured Marble Colors HERE!
-Polystone $895.00 See Polystone Colors HERE!


Available in 1 1/2" or 1 1/4" Diameter
Color Selections: White, Bone, Bisque, Almond or Gray
Ring Finish: Chrome, Polished Brass, White, Bone, Bisque, Almond
Available lengths listed below:
12" 53.80
16" 58.00
18" 60.20
24" 80.50
30" 88.50
32" 91.30
36" 96.30
42" 106.30
48" 112.10




Handicapped 3 x 5 base, walls, ramp or curb
[Handicapped shower 3 x 5]

Handicapped 3 x 5 base, walls, ramp or curb
Example Handicapped shower shown in picture is 3 x 5 plus an 8" entry ramp. Price includes shower base, ramp or curb, walls, and large corner soap dish or large recessed soap dish. Call 877-398-7711 for quote on your size opening. They are made from 2 materials. 1-Polystone solid surface and 2-Cultured Marble (made from real marble limestone) Shower door shown in picture is no longer available. New doors upgraded to thicker glass, and is frameless. See description below of Kleara by Maax shower door. Handicapped Shower Package Includes: -36" x 60" Shower Base -Ramp 8" x 60" x 3/4" -Backwall 60" x 80" x 3/8" -Sidewall 36" x 80" x 3/8" -Sidewall 36" x 80" x 3/8" -Diamond Corner Shampoo/Soap Dish WE CAN MAKE SHOWER BASES AND WALLS ANY SIZE. CALL 877-398-7711 FOR COST. Cultured Marble Colors: ON SALE NOW: $1593.00 See Cultured Marble Colors HERE! Polystone Granite Colors: ON SALE NOW: $2241.00 See Polystone Colors HERE! ADDITIONAL OPTIONS -Satin Finish Stainless Steel Grab bar 18" (not shown) $120.00 -Satin Finish Stainless Steel Grab bar 48" (not shown) $140.00 -Shower Door-Kleara by Maax $467.50 -2-Panel, 1/4 inch/6mm, frameless pivot door for alcove shower -Exclusive pivot hinge 3 inch(76mm) lateral adjustment -Clear sealing joint around the door, preventing water leak, central pressure closing, full-length aluminum magnetic profile -60" Curtain Rod, plastic and caps $75.00 -Fold Up Seat $425.00 -measures 32" x 13" x 20" -wall mounted shower seat -please specify color-swan (white), biscuit or almond -available in left or right hand styles -Chrome fixture kit for shower $350.00 -pressure balance mixing valve -hand held shower -24" slide bar w/60" hose -vacuum breaker and connector The shower bases have a textured finish and are sloped toward the standard drain opening. The base can be custom sized to your specific shower dimensions. **NOTE: HANDICAPPED SHOWER BASES CAN BE MADE UP TO 84" X 84" WITH A CENTER DRAIN. **WALLS CAN BE MADE TO WHATEVER DIMENSIONS ARE NECESSARY **SHOWER DOORS ARE MADE TO DESIRED DIMENSIONS. **PRICING LISTED ABOVE IS FOR 36" X 60" WITH ADDITIONAL 8" WIDE RAMP OR CURB Cultured Marble is made from real marble, 80% limestone and 20% resin. The surface is treated with a clear tooling gel making it non-porous. It has all the same features of polystone with the same warranty. Polystone Solid Surface dramatically enhances almost any surface with spectacular granite colors and textures. With almost unlimited application potential, Polystone is often used in solid surface kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, shower surrounds, wall panels-the possibilities are expansive. CULTURED MARBLE AND POLYSTONE SOLID SURFACE ARE: -Durable -Stain Resistant -Bacteria Resistant -Affordable -Easy to maintain -10 year warranty ** Handicapped shower shown in Polystone Solid Surface PSS314 Ecru, Over 60 Colors to choose from*** Wall panels are 3/8" thick and are easy to install. SHIPPING Shipping and crating $250.00 All material is custom made, please allow at least 2 weeks for manufacturing and delivering. PAYMENT TERMS -If you reside in Michigan, a 6% sales tax applies - Mastercard - Visa - Discover - American Express - Check by Phone or Fax FINANCING - GE Money RETURN POLICY All products are custom built and made to order. NO RETURNS.

Available Options:

18" SS Grab Bar:

48" SS Grab Bar:

60" curtain rod, plastic and cap:

Chrome fixture kit for shower:

Fold up Seat:

Kleara Shower Door by Maax:


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